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Step 1.  - Take (1) photo of your firearm
Make it clear and easy to see from barrell to butt (preferrably on a white background)
Save the image as a JPEG file (under 155kb is best for quick viewing)

Step 2.  - Complete the Listing Form below
Your advertisement in the Firearms Warehouse will run for 3 months.
Please email us to advise if your advertised item sells within the 3 months.

IMPORTANT - By law, Persons wishing to advertise Licensed Firearms or Firearm Parts require that the Owner must provide Firearms Licence or Permit Number plus the Serial Number of the Registered Firearm or Part.

NSW also requires that advertisements display the Dealers Name, License and Address through which the transfer will occur. Your advertisement will not be published without this information.


Contact Information
Firearm Licence No.: * Firearm owners shooters Licence Number
Name/Company: * Name of the person or company selling this firearm
Email Address: * Your Email address to forward enquiries to
Phone Number: * Your Phone number that potential buyers may contact
Firearm Information
Category: *
Calibre: * e.g.  308win
Make: * e.g.. Remington
Model: * e.g.. 700
Action: * e.g.. Bolt -Action
Stock: * e.g.. Walnut, synthetic
Scope: * e.g.. Leupold 4-12 x 40
Chokes: Shotguns only - e.g. Interchangable, Fixed
Condition: * These are guidelines only. Firearms Warehouse take no responsibility for the firearms listed
  Excellent   In as new condition, without noticeable wear, marking or scratches
  Very good   In full working condition, no noticeable wear or rust, some minor marring of surfaces
  Good   In full working condition, minor wear & marks, no rust or broken parts
  Fair   Safe operating condition, well worn, some rust, may need minor repair.
Serial Number: * The firearms registered serial number
Comments: * Any useful information - maximum of 150 characters
Price (Inc. GST): *
Transferring dealers name & address (NSW only):

Step 3.  - Upload your photo & submit your ad
Please be patient, images may take some time to upload. All images and information about your firearm will be carefully viewed by the Firearms Warehouse staff before approval and final listing. We retain the right to reject any listings deemed unfit to publish.

Select Firearm Photo: * Allowed photos: JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG.