Dealer Listings

$25   = (1) firearm ad + photo - ($25 per ad)
$125 = (6) firearms ads + (1) photo of each - ($21 per ad)
$200 = (10) firearms ads + (1) photo of each - ($20 per ad)
$500 = (30 or more) firearms ads + (1) photo of each - ($16.60 per ad)

Step 1.  - Take (1) photo of each firearm
Make it clear and easy to see from barrell to butt (preferrably on a white background)
Save the image as a JPEG file (under 150kb is best for quick viewing)

Step 2.  - Pay for your ad/s
Payment will be made through the secure Pay Pal portal. Visa & Mastercard are accepted.

Step 3.  - Complete the Listing Form for each ad
After payment has been received, you will be redirected to a page where you can submit your ads.

Your advertisement/s in the Firearms Warehouse will run for 3 months.
Please email us to advise if your advertised item/s sells within the 3 months.

Customers shall contact you directly by email or call you on the number you list in your add.

How many ads would you like to submit? *  
Dealers Licence No.: * Current and valid Dealers Licence number
Name/Company: * Name of the Person or Company selling this firearm
Email Address: * Your Email address to forward Enquiries to
Phone Number: * Phone number that potential buyers may contact